This Saturday, November 3 rd at 6 pm central time, the American Wrestling League will hold its first ever AWL Draft LIVE from the Airliner in Iowa City. Local fans are welcome to come

watch the live broadcast. The draft will also be LIVE Streamed for FREE at


With a pool of many of the nation’s top stars, World Champions, David Taylor and Kyle Dake

will serve as captains for the AWL I: THE BEGINNING. This Saturday, Dake and Taylor will

choose their wrestlers at the draft: one wrestler per weight class and one alternate. Weight classes will consist of the ten freestyle international weights: 57 kg to 125 kg. Each AWL event will hold a draft. American Wrestling League President, Wayne Boyd further explained that, “with each draft, the host city and state is guaranteed six wrestling spots automatically, as the local fans deserve to see their own. The rest of the draft is at the drafters’ discretion!"

Jonny Ruggiano, Executive Director of the AWL, along with the AWL production team

elaborated on this weekend’s draft, “This weekend’s draft has the wrestling world buzzing with anticipation. Fans are eager to see who will make the cut for AWL I: THE BEGINNING. The response to our draft has been outstanding and we have many more wrestlers that want, and will get a chance to join the AWL draft after our first event. We started the AWL with the plan to enhance the careers of our wrestlers in the United States; not just our #1 stars, but all the emerging talent throughout the nation. You can bet that as we grow, the opportunities for American wrestlers will grow too.”

Veteran Hollywood producer and filmmaker, Braden Barty, one of the Producers of the AWL event had this to say: "I'm just glad to be a part of History. I've heard that there has been many attempts to create a professional freestyle wrestling league in the past, but to make something work well, it's not just about the league's events. You need to focus on the build up to the events, hyping up the athletes, and creating a real story. In the end, you're left with a show that organically gives fans something real exciting to watch online or even better, watch in person."

Looking forward, Wayne Boyd previews what the inaugural AWL event will look like. “AWL I:

THE BEGINNING, comes to Iowa for one reason; they have the greatest wrestling fans on

Earth! We are going to give the great fans of Iowa, the Greatest Wrestling Show on Earth! See Iowa wrestlers and America’s great pool of wrestlers compete for $120,000.00 in prize money on Friday night, November 30 th , 2018 at the U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Legendary wrestler and coach, Dan Gable and his former wrestlers will be on hand. We’ll Pin Cancer with Chuck Yagla and Light the Night, honoring the great Mike Duroe. During the event, we will introduce Curran Jacobs, America’s World Catch Wrestling Champion, who wrestles in the image of Iowa’s one and only Frank Gotch. The United Stated Wrestling Foundation will also pass out checks to team USA’s medalists from the 2018 World Championships. Be there because amateur wrestling is finally taking its place as a professional sport!”

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