American Wrestling League 79 kg preview -Ross Bartachek

Isaiah Martinez (Team Dake) vs Alex Dieringer (Team Taylor)

There weren’t many surprises when both captains revealed their lineups for AWL I back on November 10th, save for the 79 kg matchup where Kyle Dake opted to bump Isaiah Martinez up from 74 kg to match him up against Alex Dieringer. If there was ever an indication that Dake is pulling out all the stops to try and win this dual, surely this qualifies as one of the biggest points of reference.

While the move was a surprise to fans, Kid Dynamite had this idea in his backpocket all along if he was lucky enough to land the former two-time NCAA champion.

“I really thought that if I got (Martinez) I would bump him up and try to win two weight classes.”

But Martinez and his captain will most certainly be facing an uphill battle in taking on the likes of Dieringer. Having competed against Dieringer over the course of his career Dake is keenly aware at just how good Dieringer is, and he knows how tough Dieringer is to beat. The decision to bump Martinez is certainly a gamble on Dake’s part, and it shows that he has a lot of confidence in Lewis being able to handle the 74 kg match in Martinez’s stead.

Aside from being a consistent presence on the U.S. National Team the past two years Dieringer has also gone out and earned several medals for the USA at the Grand Prix of Paris, the Bill Farrell International, the Alexander Medved, and the International Ukrainian Tournament. In fact this past March Dieringer did more than just win the International Ukrainian Tournament, he was named the Outstanding Wrestler for his dominating performance.

Both of these wrestlers are relatively new to competing on a full-time basis in our country’s senior circuit this match may be true the beginning of these two forming a rivalry.

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