92 kg preview -Deron Winn (Team Dake) vs Mike Macchiavello(Team Taylor)

- Ross Bartachek

At 92 kg the Iowa crowd will get to see yet another familiar face as Kyle Dake selected Deron Winn as his starter to take on David Taylor’s Mike Macchiavello. Not too long ago Winn was training out of Ames, Iowa’s Cyclone Wrestling Club and he also competed in the AGON event that was held in Cedar Rapids back in 2015.

Over the last year some things have changed for Winn. He has since entered the MMA circuit where he has put together a perfect record, and that’s including his fight he had on Saturday, November 24th. What hasn’t changed is his presence on freestyle scene. With the introduction of the 92 kg weight class, Winn opted to try his hand in making a World Team and was rewarded with a third place, National Team finish.

On Taylor’s side is the up and coming Macchiavello, who has definitely made a splash over the last nine months. Not only did the NC State grad surprise many by winning last March’s NCAA title at 197 pounds, but in the summer he won the right to compete for Team USA at the U23 World Championships.

Unfortunately due to a technicality with his age Macchiavello did not end up competing for the USA. During the qualification process Macchiavello was still 23 years of age, but he turned 24 a mere seven days before the end of the year, which disqualified him from competing.

Coming into this match we know definitely know two things about these wrestlers. First, Macchiavello will be hungry to compete after missing out on a chance to represent the U.S. at a World tournament. Second, is that Winn is obviously a warrior having agreed to wrestle just six days after a professional fight.

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